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Vicars of Holy Trinity Church

 Until the mid 19th century the appointment of a rector for Littlebury was in the gift of the Bishop of Ely, a relic of the time when the bishopric had owned the manor of Littlebury. The office of rector was a sinecure; that is, the holder drew an income from lands in the parish (Rectory Farm, now known as The Old Rectory, to the north of Littlebury village on the east side of the road to Little Chesterford) but was not tasked with any actual parish duties at all. These were instead performed by a vicar appointed by the rector and paid a fixed salary by him and a curate often assisted the vicar. The former vicarage now forms two dwellings: North House and South House, a 16th century timber-framed building next to the church with a mid-19th century rear extension built to house Rev. Wix’s large family.

The list of vicars and dates below is drawn from a number of sources, notably Richard Newcourt’s ‘Repertorium’ of 1710.  These articles are based on material from ‘Littlebury: A Parish History’ where some of the vicars are covered in more detail.   

Gillian Williamson 

1285    Roger Garton                   

           Thomas de Soham

1331    Roger de Sovekyn   

1339    John Kyng                

1361    John Sad               

1400    Thomas Bryan

           John George

1434    Thomas Caly

1438    William Breenge

1462    John Everard

1486     Reginald Haselbeche           

1504    William Robinson           

1516    John Ashwell

1541    Richard Wilkes

1544    Thomas Cottesford

1553    Richard Clapham

1557    Christopher Bland

            William Broughton

1570    John Hellie

1596    John Hutton

1615    Richard Parker 

1629    Henry Tucker

1648 - 1656  Vicars of the Commonwealth period

1648    Henry Prime                    

1650     Return states ‘no settled minister’     

1656    Isaac Wells (Presented by the Protector)

1660    Henry Tucker

1667    John Hammond       

1669    John Baldock

 1671    Richard Bainbrigg 

1673    John Bennet

1692    Will Kilbourne

1743    John Taylor

1760    James Hicks

1761     William Gretton

1813    Henry Bull

1840    Joseph Wix

1889    Ernest Edgerley

1936    A. Goodhart

1945    Philip Wright

1955    C. P. Newton

1960    Canon Griffin

1965    John West

1974    John Pratt

1979    Ian Coomber

1983    Richard Carlill

1990    Shamus Williams

2000    Laurie Bond   

2004    Michael Lovegrove   

2008    Christopher Warren        

2014    Jeremy Parsons

2017    Interregnum

2018    Alex Jeewan