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Our new churchyard in use


Photo: Gordon Ridgewell

The churchyard extension is situated peacefully towards the bottom of Mill Lane overlooking the river, close to the existing churchyards. For many years Tony Appleby has cared for the land beautifully and it has just recently come into use. Littlebury is very fortunate in having a churchyard, rather than a cemetery, as it remains exclusive to Littlebury parish residents.

In 2006 the parish council, seeing that the ‘new’ churchyard was starting to run out of space, held a meeting with representatives of the church and the Audley End Estate with a view to establishing a churchyard extension in readiness for anyone in the parish who needed it. Lord Braybrooke and the Trustees of the Audley End Estate kindly gifted a piece of land from Church Meadow (also known as Winstanley Meadow) and the Rt. Revd. Christopher Morgan, the Bishop of Colchester consecrated it on 16th March, Palm Sunday, in 2008.